Onward and Upward!


Hello All,

Man have we been busy. The Marshall Women of Today raised funds to provide sleep sacks and education to all the daycares in Marshall area. Yesterday and Monday we spent the day talking with some wonderful daycare providers. It was so great to see them doing all they can to keep babies safe if their care. I continue to be amazed at the lack of knowledge on rebreathing. Rebreathing deaths are %100 preventable yet the lack of knowledge is causing these deaths to continue to occur at an alarming rate. Tonight we are at the Springfield Community Center for a vendor event and making some great contacts. We are always looking for more places and ways to spread Dominick’s safe sleep message. The last few days have been so very emotional for me. It feels so good to be spreading his message and knowing that we are making a difference. However, the callous and thoughtless words of others seem to always find their way in and cast a shadow over the joy. I have done a great deal of soul searching and thought over the last few days and come to the conclusion that if someone wants to be offended by Dominick’s safe sleep message that is ok with me. If just one baby is saved it is all worth it. I have such a hard time understanding how some people and be so stubborn and self serving. On the other hand I received an amazing thank-you card in the mail today from one of the daycare providers. It meant so much to me that she took the time to tell her just how much the sleepsacks meant to her.

Next weekend on the 17th we will be at a benifit in Redwood Falls. Check out our events page for more information on the event.

It is so exciting to watch the memorial fund continue to grow and flourish. I am so touched and honored by all the support we receive.